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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The two most important developments in the world today are Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Although Data Science uses Artificial Intelligence in its procedures, it is not fully interchangeable with AI.  We are going to explain these two terminologies in simple terms in this article.

What is Data Science?

In recent years, data science has become an integral part of industries all around the world. Data science has made the transition to the world’s fourth industrial revolution possible. Data science takes advantage of the global data explosion and the rising need for businesses to depend on data to generate better outcomes. Data power modern society and companies use data to make careful choices.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The process of making machines smart and intelligent using various algorithms is called artificial intelligence. It is modeled after the inherent intelligence that animals and humans possess by emulating the functions of the biological brain. AI uses algorithms to carry out independent actions. Google’s AlphaGo is the most famous example of AI. It is an autonomous Go player that beat the world number 1 professional Go player. To build autonomous systems, tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are extensively employing Artificial Intelligence.

Data Science VS Artificial Intelligence

Data science is a multidisciplinary field of study covering statistics, mathematics, and programming. A data scientist is needed to be proficient in them. Industries need data scientists to make data-driven decisions by deducing important trends and insights from the data. Data scientists assist enterprises in evaluating their efficiency and recommending improvements. In businesses, data science helps design products according to the customers’ needs by observing their buying habits through data.

Is there any difference Between AI and Data Science?

The most famous field in the world today is Data Science. While some aspects of AI may contribute to Data Science, it does not represent all of it.

Limitations of AI

The ‘Artificial Narrow Intelligence’ is the contemporary AI used in the world today. In this type of intelligence, computer systems do not have total autonomy and consciousness. Instead, they are only able to do tasks for which the programmers instruct them.

Data Science is a Broad Concept

The analysis and research of data are called Data Science. A Data Scientist is responsible for making decisions based on data that favor businesses. Data science is a flexible term; its exact definition varies across different fields. The main objective of data science is to obtain the data, preprocess and transform it, then infer insights, and finally present the findings in the form of charts, graphs, or any other suitable visualization method.

Artificial Intelligence is a Data Science Tool

Artificial Intelligence is one of the many tools used in data science. A data scientist must extract data, clean up data anomalies, analyze data patterns, and apply predictive models to produce potential insights. Many of these operations and functions require programming languages such as R and Python. For advanced applications, some additional skills in computer science such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing may also be required. Some essential computer tools used for data science are MATLAB, Excel, SAS, Jupyter, TensorFlow, and so on.

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