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Data Science Universities

Some of the best technology-oriented colleges and universities in the world offer Masters courses in data science and AI. Employers can distinguish you as someone with specialized experience by studying data science. Learning data science may also be a step towards a doctorate. Some of the best institutes offering data science degrees and certifications are listed below.


MIT offers a course called Masters of Business Analytics. This course is based on data, machine learning, and their practical applications. This course may be a perfect starting point to start a career in data analytics. You are generally supposed to either have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field or enough work experience to be eligible for this course. In keeping with most others, the MIT Master takes 12 months and tries to offer students the knowledge and expertise.

Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon is another US institute that is recognized internationally for its AI and Computer Science studies and achievements. Here, the course called Masters of Computational Data Science is offered. Carnegie Mellon is the alma mater of Modern AI pioneers like Herbert Simon and Allen Newell.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London’s business school offers Masters in Business Analytics. This college is frequently listed in the top ten universities in the world. Here, the course can be completed in one year with full-time training or in two years with part-time training. The versatile curriculum offers big-data management, computational algorithms, and data visualization techniques. Here, the students may complete part of the training at a work placement and get exposure to the industry by operating in a consulting capacity.

Stanford University

Stanford is a world-renowned institute for AI and machine learning research. It offers a Masters in Statistics and Data Science. This master’s course specializes in computer science with computational emphasis. Electives can be taken in applied fields such as data-driven medicine and neuroimaging techniques.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, a leading Canadian technological university, offers a Master’s in Applied Computing and Data Science. Here, the students can pursue an 8-month industrial internship that provides hands-on training to solve big data, AI, and analytics problems in the real world.

University of Bath

The University of Bath is rapidly gaining a reputation as a center of excellence in data science. It offers a Masters in Data Science. Here, the main emphasis is on the simple software skills needed to work with sophisticated analytical algorithms and machine learning. However, from the second semester of the course, students can opt to practice in real-world application areas.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is Finland’s leading institute for providing world-class education in AI and data sciences. It offers Masters in Data Science, and students may opt to specialize in machine learning, computer vision, and advanced data analytics. This course enables students to use their practical exposure and analytical skills of data science and AI in real-world applications.

École Polytechnique

It is a leading business and technology institute in Paris. It offers Masters in Data Science for Business; a two-year program focused on meeting the global need for qualified data science professionals. The course focuses on statistics, mathematics, and computer programming, and it prepares students to lead data and smart computing initiatives in the industry with both technological and business expertise. Students are allowed to work in real-world scenarios and demonstrate their problem-solving abilities, including the use of data and algorithms in solving business problems.

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